Viral Hands Free Segway Dance Routine

Scooter Segway DanceThere has been quite a buzz on the interweb with many different people making videos of their unboxing and first time writing of their hands free Segway device. It’s actually pretty crazy if you were to take a look online at how many different videos there are. A couple weeks ago it was quite refreshing to see a different type of video surface to viral supremacy. It was so creative that it was almost impossible not to see on all types of social media channels.

This video of course has to be the hoverboard scooter / Segway dance that has blown up the Internet. Some people can’t even travel from one point to the next without falling off. However, these guys make riding a scooter look easy. They weren’t doing any death-defying tricks, although the moves that they were pulling off were definitely practiced many times over.

As one would expect, once this video was released and got all of its attention there were many others to follow. If you were to take a look you would probably find a few other dance groups trying to make themselves look as cool as these guys did. Although in my opinion that’s not possible.

Next to the dancing videos, the most interesting video that we have come across definitely has to be between the “hoverboard picking up girls” video and the “hoverboard olympics”. We think that any type of competitive fun on your scooter is good for the heart and can definitely end up in a few laughs.

To be honest, by this time I’m kind of getting tired of seeing unboxing videos. How many unboxing videos can you really see before you understand that almost all of these scooters look, maneuver and function the same. We understand that some brands do have different features than others. Although, at the end of the day they all perform somewhat identical.

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Promotional Hands Free Segway With Vaporizer Purchase

Black Hovertrax ScooterRecently you have probably become aware of the latest internet craze called the hands-free mini Segway. They have pretty much been on every blog, in almost every store and don’t seem to be fading away anytime soon.

Since around the middle of May to early June, there have been an abundance of videos that have come out by amateur and celebrity youtuber’s alike. From unboxing to tricks and even FAIL videos. There is a ton of content that you can browse through to gain an understanding of what these cool hands-free hoverboard segway units are capable of.

Since their popularity has become so large, many companies that produce all types of products are looking to partner and do promotions to improve their status and boost sales. Even vaporizer companies are looking to do so especially since they hit the very same demographic.

Leray Seg UnitMany big companies are pushing for a promotion that involves buying 1 vape and getting your two wheel handless scooter at half price. Another includes buying 2 and getting one for free. The purchase would have to be over one hundred and $50 and would have to be made within the month of December. We were hoping that these manufacturers would attempt to work with the more expensive brands like Hovertrax, PhunkeeDuck, IO hawk, Leray etc. Although, you’re actually working with developers from China who are pretty much rebranding it with their own logo.

If you are still looking for more information on the different brands and styles of segways that are available, try clicking to the following links. Find out more about how much they cost and why it’s a pretty interesting promotional item.

Rhinoplasty Vaporizer Promotions

To help increase awareness as well as client base reach, we’ve started to notice many different vaporizer promotions available with your rhinoplasty surgery. I know, if you’re like me you’re wondering why a vape? Well, if you haven’t noticed it’s one of the most popular devices you will find online today. Its appeal among the younger generation is great and enables people the ability to enjoy their pass time with less harm.

Top Free Units

Many places in California are offering This is excellent promo to their customers. If you’re satisfied with your surgery then you should definitely post up a testimonial for a chance to enter into the contest.

For special cases like fixing your nose for better sleeping habits. Or for adjusting your nose back to the way it originally looked. You have the opportunity of winning two. Don’t ask me why, that’s just how the promo works.

If you were a mother who just finished giving birth. Your interest may lie within the mommy makeover surgery category. If that’s you then you may qualify for a free grasshopper vaporizer once it’s released to the public sometime in May. You should act soon because this and many of the offers mentioned above are not going to last very long.

Getting any type of surgery is never fun. As a matter of fact the last time that I had surgery I couldn’t sleep the night before. Despite knowing all of the benefits that I would receive after going through the surgery, it still was an effort to get to the hospital to undergo the procedure. Below is a list of places that you can go to receive some of the best care, knowledge and respect that you can get from any plastic surgeon specialist you will find online.

Most Popular Vaporizer Brands Part 1

Firefly Convection UnitOf course you’re about to purchase your very first pen and you just want to make sure that you get the highest quality that you can possibly find. We’ve been there and we completely understand. There is absolutely no sense in spending money on a product online if you’re not sure how well its going to work.

With that being said we have created access and gathered up a collection of reviews on the top vaporizer pen units that you will find online. How did we do this you may ask? Well Snocotra provides access to some of the most detailed information you can find online on the best brands on the market.

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Atmos RX

Atmos RX (formerly Raw)The Atmos RX is a very well known device among the vaping community. To some it is a quality vape that can handle many different types of material. To others it is simply an electronic pipe because they claim it com-busts much more than it vaporizes.

Pax by Ploom

PAX by Ploom DeviceThe PAX is actually recognized as one of the best portable handheld devices you will find online. Is also one of the more expensive mobile devices as well. Hands down it is one of the most discreet pens and just maybe one of the best vaporizers all around.

It’s click-able / retractable mouthpiece is great for undercover toking and doesn’t cause it to stand out too much.

G Pro by Grenco Science

G Pro DiscreetThe often imitated but never duplicated dry herb vaporizer from Grenco Science is labeled one of the most efficient devices in 2014. Like the PAX it’s very discreet and is only about half the price.

If you’re looking for even more breakdowns on the most discreet or the most efficient devices then be sure to stay tuned to our next article.

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The Best Vaporizer Pens This Year

Are you currently in search of a vaporizer pen that will take care of the majority of your vaping needs? If so then you have ventured to the right place. Our website specializes in educating those who are in need of information about the best and most popular vape pens on the market. If you are a beginner or even a novice user but want to figure out and understand which vaporizer pen is the best for you then make sure to keep on reading.

710 Pen VapeIt’s difficult for a first time user to really get an understanding of what it means to vaporize. For example before we got introduced into the industry we just assumed that it was something similar to taking hits from a bong. Although, after experiencing it we’ve realized that it’s actually a lot different than a bong and its effect is also very different from a bong or a traditional combusted cigarette or smoking experience.

In some cases we’ve witnessed smokers transition to vaporizing and after just a few days switch right back. Why you wonder? Well when you vape it is a much different experience than when you smoke. Let me explain. When you smoke your combusted material seems to travel a lot faster and a lot more potent into your system. However when you vaporize your material does not get as hot or get to your system as fast. Even though they claim that vaporization receives more cannabinoids then combustion, in our experience we still believe that smoking is a much better experience despite combustion.

Many vapor enthusiasts would differ especially when you take into account how much less chemicals you intake when you vaporize instead of smoking your material. Before we got introduced we read so much information online that described to us about how much more beneficial and how much more┬ácannabinoids we were receiving when vaporizing instead of smoking. Although, once we tried it for ourselves we didn’t really agree with any of those reports.

G Pro HerbalIf you do love the vaporizing experience then be sure to visit Snocotra for more information on the top vaporizer pens located in your market and in your local area. We make it easy for you to find the top units so you don’t have to waste time or money on the less lower value units.