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Viral Hands Free Segway Dance Routine

Scooter Segway DanceThere has been quite a buzz on the interweb with many different people making videos of their unboxing and first time writing of their hands free Segway device. It’s actually pretty crazy if you were to take a look online at how many different videos there are. A couple weeks ago it was quite refreshing to see a different type of video surface to viral supremacy. It was so creative that it was almost impossible not to see on all types of social media channels.

This video of course has to be the hoverboard scooter / Segway dance that has blown up the Internet. Some people can’t even travel from one point to the next without falling off. However, these guys make riding a scooter look easy. They weren’t doing any death-defying tricks, although the moves that they were pulling off were definitely practiced many times over.

As one would expect, once this video was released and got all of its attention there were many others to follow. If you were to take a look you would probably find a few other dance groups trying to make themselves look as cool as these guys did. Although in my opinion that’s not possible.

Next to the dancing videos, the most interesting video that we have come across definitely has to be between the “hoverboard picking up girls” video and the “hoverboard olympics”. We think that any type of competitive fun on your scooter is good for the heart and can definitely end up in a few laughs.

To be honest, by this time I’m kind of getting tired of seeing unboxing videos. How many unboxing videos can you really see before you understand that almost all of these scooters look, maneuver and function the same. We understand that some brands do have different features than others. Although, at the end of the day they all perform somewhat identical.

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