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Promotional Hands Free Segway With Vaporizer Purchase

Black Hovertrax ScooterRecently you have probably become aware of the latest internet craze called the hands-free mini Segway. They have pretty much been on every blog, in almost every store and don’t seem to be fading away anytime soon.

Since around the middle of May to early June, there have been an abundance of videos that have come out by amateur and celebrity youtuber’s alike. From unboxing to tricks and even FAIL videos. There is a ton of content that you can browse through to gain an understanding of what these cool hands-free hoverboard segway units are capable of.

Since their popularity has become so large, many companies that produce all types of products are looking to partner and do promotions to improve their status and boost sales. Even vaporizer companies are looking to do so especially since they hit the very same demographic.

Leray Seg UnitMany big companies are pushing for a promotion that involves buying 1 vape and getting your two wheel handless scooter at half price. Another includes buying 2 and getting one for free. The purchase would have to be over one hundred and $50 and would have to be made within the month of December. We were hoping that these manufacturers would attempt to work with the more expensive brands like Hovertrax, PhunkeeDuck, IO hawk, Leray etc. Although, you’re actually working with developers from China who are pretty much rebranding it with their own logo.

If you are still looking for more information on the different brands and styles of segways that are available, try clicking to the following links. Find out more about how much they cost and why it’s a pretty interesting promotional item.