Most Popular Vaporizer Brands Part 1

Firefly Convection UnitOf course you’re about to purchase your very first pen and you just want to make sure that you get the highest quality that you can possibly find. We’ve been there and we completely understand. There is absolutely no sense in spending money on a product online if you’re not sure how well its going to work.

With that being said we have created access and gathered up a collection of reviews on the top vaporizer pen units that you will find online. How did we do this you may ask? Well Snocotra provides access to some of the most detailed information you can find online on the best brands on the market.

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Atmos RX

Atmos RX (formerly Raw)The Atmos RX is a very well known device among the vaping community. To some it is a quality vape that can handle many different types of material. To others it is simply an electronic pipe because they claim it com-busts much more than it vaporizes.

Pax by Ploom

PAX by Ploom DeviceThe PAX is actually recognized as one of the best portable handheld devices you will find online. Is also one of the more expensive mobile devices as well. Hands down it is one of the most discreet pens and just maybe one of the best vaporizers all around.

It’s click-able / retractable mouthpiece is great for undercover toking and doesn’t cause it to stand out too much.

G Pro by Grenco Science

G Pro DiscreetThe often imitated but never duplicated dry herb vaporizer from Grenco Science is labeled one of the most efficient devices in 2014. Like the PAX it’s very discreet and is only about half the price.

If you’re looking for even more breakdowns on the most discreet or the most efficient devices then be sure to stay tuned to our next article.

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